Bears and Local Wildlife

Yes, there are bears in Sky Meadows!

afe550700ade859fc9284027d16bef97.jpgBears periodically roam our community anytime of the day and night. They can be seen in the meadow, the roadway and pathways.  Many residents have often sighted mother bears and their cubs foraging their way through Sky Meadows.

No matter how cute the bears look, NEVER approach a bear, particularly a bear cub.  Mother bears are never too far from their cubs and are very protective.  Remember, bears can run 35 mph!

Even though a bear's coloring can range from blonde to black, with cinnamon brown being the most common, all bears in California and Nevada are black bears and are usually most interested in scavenging an easy meal.  Our trash bins are an attractive source and therefore, it is important to close and secure the locking chain on each trash bin securely!  NEVER leave garbage next to trash bins and never leave food in your vehicle or the doors unlocked.  

In addition to bears, we also have other wildlife throughout Sky Meadows, including the occasional a bobcat and more commonly, coyotes.  The coyotes frequently roam our meadow and among the homes and, they can be deceiving.  Given the opportunity, they have been known to lure a dog to play in the meadow and then the dog is attacked by other coyotes!  Another reason to keep your dog on a leash and under your control!