Welcome New Homeowners

Welcome to Sky Meadows!

To provide you with “the lay of the land,” we’ve prepared a welcome letter that is quite comprehensive.  So, we encourage you to pour a cup of coffee, or grab a glass of wine, and learn more about Sky Meadows.

And, while your into the new homeowner mode, we ask you to complete the email authorization form.  Doing so, makes it more convenient, and quicker, for the Board of Directors to communicate with you.
We’ve also included a link to the form you need to complete to authorize our bookkeeping service to automatically withdraw the quarterly assessment from your bank account.  This is the most convenient method to pay your association assessments and avoid late charges.
If a “New” owner in Sky Meadows, you may want to fill out a quick survey to share with the board your home's occupancy usage in Sky Meadows. This survey is available for any owner to confirm their home's use, and is totally optional. The board is aware of the majority of full time residents and long term tenants in Sky Meadows. 
Occupancy Survey

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